‘Fame’ Stars (And Ashley Tisdale!) Look Ready To ‘Fly’ At L.A. Premiere: Red Carpet Recap

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I just watched the latest installment in the Sharknado franchise on SyFy and what can I say? Sharknado 5 is the best Sharknado yet! The annual premiere of the latest Sharknado film has literally become a national holiday. If you were to judge solely by what was happening on twitter tonight, you would be totally justified in thinking that literally everyone in the world was watching Sharknado 5.

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Is Cody longo dating Cassie scerbo? yes. in an interview he stated hat he was guess starring on make it or break it and was disappointed that he didn’t have very many scenes together. he also said that if need b e they would run lines anyways, and during breaks they would go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Naturi Naughton who sang at the event before Asher Book’s boy band V Factory took the stage looked stunning in a shiny purple mermaid gown, while equally fashionable Asher on her right was working a slate gray suit with some funky white sneaks. Collins was clad in head-to-toe black including what appear to be exercise gloves , and topped off his look with a green jacket with blue detailing.

Joining the new cast was “Fame” veteran Debbie Allen who starred as Lydia in both the original and the television version and now plays Principal Simms in the remake. The actress let her hair down, posing with newbie Naturi in a sparkly black and very age appropriate dress. Several “Fame”-rs brought equally famous guests as their dates including Kay Panabaker who brought her actress-sister Danielle, who you may recognize from “Friday the 13th” or her stint on “Shark.

The pair must have coordinated their outfits before they left home, he with his black shirt and vest combo and she in a sequined, one-shouldered LBD. Also in attendance was a star from that other movie musical “High School Musical,” obvi , Ashley Tisdale above, left , who showed off her recently dyed blonde locks and a hard-to-miss fluorescent pink jump suit. Rounding out the “Fame” guys were Paul McGill above, left , who seems to have followed Ashley Tisdale’s lead and dyed his locks darker.

He was looking a bit like a Brooks Brothers model with that newly darkened ‘do, daper suit and button-up shirt, and Walter Perez above, right , who seemed to favor the same shade of purple as Naturi, wearing a gray and black striped tie with his violet shirt. Click on any of the photos above to check out more of the fashionable cast of “Fame” including Megan Mullaly , as well as attendees Mario Lopez and Dionne Warwick. What do you think about the “Fame” premiere looks? Are you going to remember them?

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Cody Longo & Cassie Scerbo at Bing’s Celebration of Creative Minds at BOA